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There’s no other Country in the whole world where, like in Italy, every 100 kilometres or less you can experience changes in landscapes, history, culture, traditions and cooking specialties. This is even more true for Verona, and within much closer ranges! The town where Shakespeare set the most famous love story of all time is also the ideal location for a virtually unlimited variety of multi-sensorial experiences.

For its privileged location amid different regional borders, Verona is a natural “hub” where diverse cultures and cooking traditions with their specialties converge like spokes. In the same way, starting from the town centre and depending on the chosen direction, one encounters very different landscapes: from the diverse hills of Valpolicella and Soave, to the luxuriant banks of the river Mincio or the Adige valley, to the Pre-Alps with their tops over 2000 metres high, to the Mediterranean climate of the sea-like Garda lake with its picturesque views of olive trees and cypresses. A remarkable spectacle of light, colours, scents, aromas, tastes and tactile sensations that you’ll live firsthand as protagonist.

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For those who love mankind’s highest forms of arts and crafts, Verona and its territory offer architectural landscapes and works of art of every sort, from the monuments of the ancient Rome to those of the Scala lordship, from the palaces of the republican Venice to the buildings of Austria, which between 1815 and 1866 established in this area its stronghold, the so called “Quadrangle”, whose vertexes, along with Verona, were the towns of Verona, Peschiera, Legnago and Mantova (Mantua).

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With MCAddiction, you’ll realize how the best way to appreciate landscapes, art, culture, history and traditions is to actually live and “taste” them firsthand, enjoying themselves and bringing along unforgettable emotions.


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